Evan Greenwald is an ambitious young artist inspired by abstract expression and defined chaos. Using high-resolution acrylic stencils, he is able to preserve recognizable shapes amidst a battering of vibrantly colored paints to create beautiful, unique, powerful artwork. What began as impulsive experiment to use his bedroom walls as giant canvases has manifested into a refined art form that has possessed his interests and has driven him to new limits with experimenting, imagining, and optimizing his artistic abilities. Every single piece he creates is individual; the pattern of the violent splatter process is virtually unpredictable, creating unique depth and personality within each image. He governs the geometry that separates the paint and the surface with the stencils, and therefore limits the permutations of random splatter to leave only what he wants on the page.

Although originally from Norwich, Vermont, Greenwald is in his second year  at the University of Vermont studying Engineering.  He is an active member of the Burlington Generator, a local makerspace.

He looks forward to creating many more unique one-off masterpieces and sharing them for all to enjoy in the coming months.