Generator Community Mural

This unique community mural was envisioned and brought to life by local artist Evan Greenwald together with the creative passion of 40 student splatter painters. Greenwald has been experimenting with the fusion of technology and art(color)

to develop this creative style of stencil splatter painting using a novel application for the laser cutter at the Generator to create high resolution stencils out of a durable, reusable material that defines silhouetted geometries that are then offset against a cascade of color spawned from the free-form splatter painting. A studio membership at the Generator provided the catalyst to bring this art form from a garage and backyard hobby to a collection of over 180 colorful and engaging individual paintings that were sold as part of the Generator booth at the Burlington Artist’s Market. Exploring different avenues of possible applications and opportunities for stencil splatter painting to reach and connect to a larger community of people, and in honor of the exceptional makerspace community here at the Generator, the artist commissioned this demonstration project to validate the plausibility of a community facilitated mural where many people come together to help paint a collaborative image. The stencil itself represents the synergy and electricity created by such a diverse, passionate, creative community of makers who populate the Generator. The 8’x8’ painted plywood base was set up at a splatter venue outside the Athletic Green on the UVM campus, where Greenwald is an Honors College student in Engineering. Friends and interested students help covered the mural in thousands of streaks of 16 different colors, each allowed to use any form of application and style to add paint to the mural. The stencils were removed to reveal the image here (touch up paint was applied to black lines once dry for crispness and clarity). This gift to the Generator is made with the sincere thanks of the artist to the local maker community and with hopes that others who appreciate the pursuit of a passion find the reality that anything is possible with the right set of tools and a place to make it happen.