Organize a Splatter Mural Event

TieDyeLion brings you a fun, hands on event where people work side by side with splatter paint to create a unique and lasting work of art for the community to enjoy.

TieDyeLion is dedicated to actively engaging people in creating art and uniting individuals through the experience of Facilitated Splatter Painting. The collective artistic expression of the community will result in a unique mural for all to enjoy. Please contact us for more information or to schedule an event.


The Process


Customize a stencil

that is representative of your community


Stencil sketch created for the Generator Makerspace mural


Select a mural size

starting at 8’x8’, custom inquiries accepted.


Choose a time and location

for your event. We will travel to you in the Northeast for Summer 2016.


Choose a financial plan

that is appropriate for your event:

Sponsored Mural EventIMG_1683
Event organizers commission the entire mural event for a fixed fee. This option is better suited for schools, corporate events, bar mitzvahs, weddings, and private parties. The base event fee is $1,500 for an 8’x8′ mural and will increase depending on the mural size and expected event participation.

Co-Sponsored Mural Event
Event organizers commission a mural event for a reduced upfront fee and TieDyeLion will charge participants by cup of paint. The upfront event cost will be determined on a case by case basis. Please contact us to hear more about this unique financial opportunity.

Then it’s time to splatter!




  • work with event organizers to create a stencil design representative of the community

  • fabricate the stencil

  • provide painters coveralls and shoe covers for participants

  • supply all of the operational materials, mural supplies, and paint (over 15 unique colors)

  • IMG_1323set up a tarp Splatter Zone to collect and recycle any stray splatters

  • supply promotional material for event organizers

  • help coordinate a location to install the mural

  • prepare the mural for installation and assist in the hanging process

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art and creativitity influence innovation as much as technology

beautifying an environment can INSPIRE unexpected social change

all humans possess a powerful CREATIVE spark flickering within

try colorful kinetic expression by pARTicipating at a splatter event

fun, happiness, and passion cultivate new holistic connections