Participate in a Splatter Event

DSC_0608Come Try Splatter Painting for Yourself! TieDyeLion presents an event activity where you can experience splatter painting and help collaborative create a piece of artwork. At TieDyeLion Splatter Events, the public is encouraged to take part in the art making process and try splatter painting without the hassle of preparation or clean up.


Get involved in minutes! At our events we provide messy clothes for you to wear while you are splattering. Purchase paint tokens that can be exchanged at “The Color Bar” for cups of paint. Choose from over 20 different colors and add your mark to the masterpiece.


Our paint is water soluble and can be cleaned off at the wash station next to the Splatter Zone.


At some events, we will provide additional objects that can be purchased, splattered, and taken home such as hats, picture frames, and shoes.